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CMDR seeks out and accepts the senior and special needs dogs that have no hope and gifts them a destiny.

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Our Featured Dogs

Archie Pending Adoption

A very precious, endearing little man that loves to be held, explore outside, go on adventures in a sling.

Maltese & Terrier

Sweet senior lady came in with pneumonia.

Black & White

Lots of dog in a little boy! Wants to play, lots of energy. Very happy once he gets comfortable with...

Black and White

This darling love bug is now toothless, absolutely adorable, happy, and ready for his forever home. New pictures coming after...

Shih Tzu 

Arrived severely injured by larger dog and old injuries. Doing very well in foster care


Severely neglected little lady needs: ear flush, chest mass removed, rotted teeth addressed, untreated dry eye addressed

Shih Tzu 
Black and White

Owner left behind alone in empty house: under weight, severe dental needs and a heart murmur needing treated

Black and Tan

Petey has recovered from being hit by a car and it ready for his forever home.

Chihuahua & Mix 
White & Tan

Sweetheart with a huge grin needs her dental/spay/ mammary tumor removed.

Sable & Chocolate

Sweet little man who's owner neglected him and would not claim at the shelter. He has some arthritis in his...


Lovely lady ready for her forever home.

Tan & White


I have fostered for a variety of rescue groups, in various states, and Connor and Millie's (CMDR) is one of the best. This organization is very well run and is truly dedicated to doing what's right for the dogs in their care. CMDR goes above and beyond to insure that the dogs are well cared for and the volunteers have the necessary support to provide the dogs with whatever they need. CMDR takes in the dogs that most other rescues in Las Vegas are unwilling to take due to age or medical issues. And when behavioral issues arise that the foster is unable to manage, CMDR gets the dog the professional training it needs so it can find it's forever home. I am proud to be a part of this wonderful rescue.

~ fstrmom

I absolutely love Connor and Mollies Dog rescue (CMDR) I wanted to rescue 2 different dogs from a bad situation but I needed a rescue to back them so I got a hold of this rescue without hesitation they accepted both dogs into their rescue, had both of them checked out by a Veterinarian and found the most perfect homes for them with my approval of their new homes which I love. They are 100% percent in it for the dogs and they have their whole heart into rescuing and saving lives ❤.

~ Cody Chase

Professional, Compassionate, and devoted to senior and special needs dogs. Senior dogs are so often overlooked, but in my experience, they make the best family addition. I recently adopted from CMDR and believe in their mission 100%. CMDR is a top rated rescue, and they care about each and every dog they take in and work hard to help as many as possible. This is obviously a mission of love for this rescue.

~ CG Cooper

As a volunteer I have seen the great things this rescue has done. They pull the dogs that have absolutely no hope and they transform them into healthy lovable dogs. This rescue is one of the great ones that does things for the right reasons and the right way. The dogs are always first and their well being is always priority. I am so proud to be a volunteer.

~ Patricia M.

CMDR pulls the dogs that no-one else will- mostly seniors and medical cases. They give these dogs a second chance and get them into loving homes to spend the rest of their lives. Beginning to foster for this rescue has been so rewarding!

~ Ed Corcor