Bebe G

Hi! My Name Is Bebe G

We're happy to tell you that Bebe G has a new furever home.
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Bebe is a male Chihuahua mix about 5 years old. He weighs approximately 11 pounds. It takes a little time for him to settle into his environment especially If there are other dogs in the home. He does guard his food so he must be separated from any other dog while he eats or has a bone. He gets excited when it's meal time. He's fed twice a day. He is on a strict beef wet food diet. He has allergies so a Cytopoint Injection is helpful. He is a loving little guy once he gets to know a person and trusts that person. He will want to be rubbed on his chest or back for about 10 minutes and then he goes off and lays down. He doesn't know how to play so we are working on that. He is mostly quiet and loves to lay around.
He appears to be fearful around strangers and he will growl at strangers including children. He does walk very well on a leash and loves to go for walks. It doesn't appear that he is used to riding in a car. He is fearful and will shake and whine when he is in a car.
Bebe is potty training at this time and will have an accident here and there. We are working on this as well. He is crate trained for during the day but at night, he prefers to sleep in his own little doggie bed. He does bark when there are strange noises or a stranger is around. He is a great guard dog.
Bebe is a sweet little guy and would make a great companion.