Hi! My Name Is Nickajack

We're happy to tell you that Nickajack has a new furever home.
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Gopher who we call Nickajack is a jet black 1 1/2 year old male Chihuahua mix. He weighs approximately 6 pounds. He is a very sweet, loving and energetic puppy! He is a happy boy who loves to run all over and play. He gets along with dogs and cats but when it comes to playing with them, he is still quite shy. He will usually run away from another dog who wants to play with him.
He is very frightened of loud noises or sudden moves. He will run from the noise. He will bark, however, just to let his owner know there is someone outside the home. He only plays with a few soft toys. We are working on potty training. He does very well if a person reminds him to go potty often and if you go outside with him. We are also working with him to not be afraid of walking on a leash. He is trained to go into his pen at night or when you have to leave. He is content to lay by your side during the day. He loves to be petted. He is a puppy and loves to chew on socks and slippers, shoes, rug or blankets. He loves to grab at blankets or dish towels that are hanging and take off running with them! When he is praised for doing something right (going potty outside) he gets very excited and gets the zoomies!
He is a very good eater. He does eat alone in his area. He doesn't like when another dog goes into his area/pen. He eats a little wet food and dry puppy food. He gets very excited when it's time to eat. He runs, leaps like a dear and turns full circles in the air! He is such a good boy and so much fun! He will need time to get adjusted to new surroundings and people. He will need an owner who can help train and build his confidence as he becomes a mature adult.